Our Low Carbon Driving Journey
CLP Power is committed to promoting clean transportation in Hong Kong through education and collaboration with government and community. Internally, CLP will continue the adoption of greener vehicles in its vehicle fleet where appropriate.
Introduced first 2 electric vehicles (EV) - Bedford CF electric van - into fleet
Introduced additional 13 EV into our fleet
(First generation of EV in CLP's fleet.)
EV fleet consisted of a wide range of EV: from Leyland roadrunner to J5 Peugeot RHD and Electric Scooter
The total number of EV as of 1997 being 13
(Electric Minibus)
Switched to Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel
Expanded our fleet of EV with 2 Citroen Berlingo electric goods vehicle
(Adopted 2 Citroen Berlingo, an electric goods van, in our fleet for trial in 2002.)
Launched a plan to gradually replace the fleet's 150 diesel-fuelled vans with more eco-friendly petrol-fuelled ones
Introduction of 14 hybrid cars in our fleet. CLP was the first corporation in Hong Kong to adopt hybrids at that time
(CLP adopted Toyota Prius hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) into its corporate fleet since 2005.)
Currently has a fleet of 27 hybrids in corporate fleet
Conversion of a HEV to plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV)
(Photo caption: Conversion of a HEV from the fleet into a plug-in EV in May 2009.)
10 Mitsubishi iMiEV battery EV were introduced to the company fleet in early 2010
Conversion of 5 more HEV from the fleet into PHEV in August 2010
SMITH panel van, truck and mini-bus were introduced into the fleet in early 2011
Expanded CLP fleet of EV by introduced 10 more Nissan Leaf in July 2011
Introduced the first converted Volkswagen Golf Variant EV to Hong Kong as well as to CLP fleet in October 2011
The advanced Green Studio hit the road in September 2012, which was built on a 10-ton electric truck
Introduced Hong Kong’s first electric coach – known as an e-coach – in a green initiative to promote the wider use of environmentally-friendly transport in May 2013
A Renault Kangoo electric panel van was introduced to the company fleet in May 2013
15 Renault Zoe electric cars were introduced to CLP fleet in 2017