How To Charge
How to Charge
Select appropriate charging standard on the screen. Take out the power connector and plug the power connector into the charging socket of your electric vehicle.
After connection, follow the instruction to start charging service.
Follow the screen instruction and tap your Octopus Card on the reader.
Charging will be in progress.
Stop Charging
Select charging standard currently in use and press 'Stop' on the screen.
Follow the instruction and tap your Octopus Card on the reader to end charging service. Total charging time will be shown on the screen.

Note: Depending on the vehicle model, users may need to use vehicle side control switch to unlock the power connector before disconnection.
Unplug the power connector from your electric vehicle (EV) and put it back to the holder carefully to avoid damaging the device.
For Important Notes and Terms and Condition of Quick Charge, please click here for more details.

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