Design & Build Solutions
for Data Centre

CLP𝑒 Solutions (formerly CLP Engineering Limited) was founded in Hong Kong in 1985 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of CLP Holdings Limited. It is an end-to-end solutions provider working to put sustainability and energy economy within reach for Hong Kong’s commerce and industry through its comprehensive value-added energy and infrastructure solutions.

CLP𝑒 Solutions specialises in a wide range of data centre services, providing reliable facilities, dedicated professional consultation, and highly effective in-house testing & commissioning (T&C), delivering trustworthy, cost-effective, sophisticated and environmentally sustainable solutions for data centre operators. With professionalism and integrity at our core, we have established an industry-leading reputation in the data centre sector.

Why Choose Us

Our proven experience in the data centre sector is built upon our reputation as a one-stop total system integrator (SI), covering sales, installation, T&C and operation & maintenance (O&M). We have built excellent relationships with specialised contractors and suppliers to deliver leading system sustainability and reliability according to the highest system requirement standards. Additionally, we provide value-added solutions, especially in Energy Management, to help customers reach their energy efficiency and sustainability goals, as well as offering tools for server load and plant utilisation measurements.

Benefits to Customer

CLP𝑒 Solutions has built the expertise to cater to the highest standards of the data centre sector. Our excellent relationships with electric utility companies help save time in arranging electrical power supply, which can be crucial for time-sensitive projects. As a total solutions provider and SI, we offer highly competitive packages for comprehensive project management, procurement and engineering. Our dedicated professional team will work with customers throughout the entire process to ensure trust and peace of mind.

Key Features

CLP𝑒 Solutions provides the following services in design and build solutions for data centres – from planning, design, supply, installation, T&C to O&M.

Power Distribution

Providing solutions for power distribution system up to 132kV.

Floors & Racks

Providing raised floor and racks to protect server infrastructure.

UPS & Battery

Providing uninterruptible emergency power ups when an input power source or main power fails, voltage dips, or sustained overvoltage occurs.

Structured Cabling

Providing comprehensive telecommunications infrastructure through cabling and associated hardware.

Precision Cooling

Offering systems to distribute cool air evenly throughout the server hall, preventing hot spots and uneven cooling.

Building Services

Integrating air, fire and electrical systems to create an optimal data centre environment.

Data Centre Infrastructure Management

Offering comprehensive Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM).

Access Control

Offering an integrated solution to secure, monitor and control access to server rack doors.

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